Following the Korean drama “PentHouse Upper War”, the Netflix suspenseful ethics drama “My Upper World” has become the latest topic center. The plot of “My Upper World” tells the intrigue between wealthy families. Li Baoying and Kim Seo-hyung respectively interpret wealthy daughter-in-laws with different personalities. From their perspectives, they explore the madness and evil of the upper class. The gorgeous ostentation and the mansion comparable to the museum. And fashion brands from head to toe make it so enjoyable!
Senior Korean fans are no strangers to the name “Kim Seo Hyung”. She is Michelle Shin of “The Temptation of Wife” and Kim Joo Young of “Sky Castle”. Although the image of the “professional villain” in front of the screen is deeply rooted and private She is actually a gentle eldest sister who loves sports and sunbathes dogs every day! In this article, we will analyze the styles and personal clothes in the drama “My Upper World” Jin Ruiheng, let us re-recognize Jin Ruiheng!

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